Why Choose Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood rescued from old structures such as barns, churches, and houses that are no longer in use. At Farm Tables of the South, we source reclaimed wood and repurpose it into tables, benches, and more giving the wood a second chance at life. 

Our reclaimed wood is mostly old oak, chestnut, and pine sourced from old factories, warehouses, and barns; sites that contain large volumes of lumber that have large pieces giving us greater flexibility toward our creations. Reclaimed wood can also be sourced from more surprising artifacts such as old railway sleepers, fences, and even pickling containers


Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

Chad Beatty, vice president of Elm Reclaimed Timber, which collects and sells reclaimed timber to This Old House 4 strong reasons you should be use reclaimed wood. 

  1. It's environmentally friendly. Reclaimed wood isn't grown on farms, which often cultivate only trees that grow fast, but aren't supportive of an ecosystem. Yes, it represents a tree that's been cut down, but at least it's getting another life in your home.

  2. It has an age and character that cannot be mimicked. Old wood likely grew in a natural environment where it had to fight for nutrients and sun, making the wood strong and durable. Aging also brings out the color in the wood.

  3. Most old-growth wood is no longer available. Regulations prevent many species of tree from being harvested.

  4. It has its own history. How many people do you know who have olive-oil barrels on the outside of their houses?